Our Mission & Values

Our Mission

At The Practice, we are singularly focused on delivering the best behavioral health care available for physicians, ensuring they are restored to their fullest potential.

Our Commitment

We recognize that those who tirelessly care for others frequently overlook their own well-being. Our services extend beyond treatments; they represent a deep-seated commitment to the complete rejuvenation and restoration of the healers themselves.

Our Values


Understanding the crucial role of confidentiality in physician health, we maintain the utmost confidentiality, ensuring that The Practice is a sanctuary where doctors can seek help shielded from stigma and professional risks. The Practice provides physicians a secure environment to seek help without the fear of undue repercussion or stigma.


Within the broader medical community, we advocate for compassionate care and laws that protect the professional integrity of physicians in treatment and in recovery. Our advocacy is focused on encouraging medical boards and regulatory bodies to adopt policies that prioritize treatment and recovery, while maintaining the confidentiality and dignity of physicians. 


Each service we offer is geared towards fostering renewal in physicians, ensuring they thrive in every aspect of their lives.We have designed a program that delivers top-tier, evidence-based care from esteemed medical professionals, dedicated to identifying and treating behavioral health concerns with precision and empathy. We are dedicated to helping each physician craft a future that aligns with their renewed sense of well-being, professional fulfillment, and personal happiness.

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