Though we often associate post-traumatic stress disorder with combat veterans or people who have survived violence and abuse, PTSD is also a significant issue among health professionals. Physicians whose careers have routinely exposed them to high-stress situations and life-or-death decisions can struggle with their mental well-being as a result.

The Impact of PTSD on Physicians

Working in the high-pressure environment of a medical practice and witnessing patient suffering and death can lead to PTSD, especially for those in fields like emergency medicine, surgery, and critical care. The effects can severely impact your personal and professional life.

Warning Signs of PTSD in Physicians

Recognizing the red flags of PTSD in yourself is the first step in getting help. Symptoms can vary but commonly include the following.

How The Practice Can Help

At The Practice, we offer specialized support for physicians dealing with addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders, including PTSD, burnout, depression, and anxiety. We tailor our approach to address the psychological and physical aspects of dual diagnoses through comprehensive, confidential care.

Physicians are responsible for others’ welfare, but you cannot do your job well unless you care for yourself first. PTSD is a serious condition that necessitates professional intervention. At The Practice, we provide the treatments necessary for healers to heal, regain their strength, and continue pursuing their calling.

Prioritize Your Well-Being

Contact us immediately if you struggle with PTSD and a co-occurring substance use disorder. The Practice understands the unique challenges doctors face and are here to provide essential perspective and services that cater to multiple needs.